The Secret Interior Design Tricks They Don’t Want You To Know

With a little bit of inside information you too can be decorating like the pros. Whether you have just moved into a new home or fancy changing current settings, you can have your own room worthy of its place in a Interior design magazine. It is a common myth that all grand designs need to cost an arm and a leg but following some simple DIY decorating ideas and tips you can keep costs low without compromising the overall impact.

Where To Startinterior design aspects

One of the most important starting points with Interior design is inspiration, after all you will be one of the people enjoying the designs on a regular basis. With room by room design you can take the time needed without overwhelming yourself with decorating ideas. You want to start with a clean, clear, basic space by removing any clutter from the room you will be able to gather new ideas and visions easier. You can even jot down some of your decorating ideas or sketch thoughts out onto paper first before then researching them further.

Make The Most Of What You Already Have

This is such a simple yet underused concept with a little bit of TLC or creative thought you can turn something old into something new. An old dirty wooden chair can be turned into an antique looking centerpiece in no time. Maybe you have some lightweight plastic or wood laying around with a little bit of creativity these can easily be turned into something new. By attaching them to the wall (removable sticky hanging strips will do) you can attach another ridge on the front to hang heels from. By ascending the bars along and up the wall you have a great storage design with little to no costs.


With rooms on the smaller side a simple few rules will go along way. Remember when painting them to stick with softer colors something easy on the eye a light color. Adding in mirrors will give the room a sense of space as the lighter paint will help maintain a bright room and a carefully placed mirror can reflect light even further. The idea with smaller spaces is to keep them bright with natural light and lighter colors as this will always add the illusion of more space. Large windows, lighter curtains there are many further ways to increase the natural light.


Don’t be afraid to use covers on certain furniture. While done incorrectly this can look tacky so stick to basic colors. For instance used in any room frequented by children can offer a great benefit using a slipcover or classy sheet over a sofa. Protecting it while also adjusting the color to match or change the vibe.


One of the most important things in Interior design is choosing colors and a scheme that is effective while not over doing it. A color scheme should be around 3 colors. Picking more can complicate things and create an air chaos while choosing just one can dramatically take away vibrancy from a room. A great decorating idea is to paint any borders or skirting with a slightly paler color than your base color to add the illusion of more space.

One way to help decide the correct colors is to use a color palette or color wheel, mixing and matching to note what truly goes together. You can even add wall decals to suit your color scheme as these are cheap they also look great with a variety of patterns and forms. By using items to match your color scheme you can emphasize the impact for instance a sunflower themed kitchen with an actual sunflower on the table or green walls with a green bowl of apples on a table offers that professional touch at little cost.

Contrasting Times

While contrasting colors can be a bit of a difficult task to pull off for the beginner. Contrasting old with new is a superb way to add a touch of class especially in unexpected locations. A modern kitchen with a raw organic earthy wooden table at its center can offer a fantastic contrast. The best part is these tables can be found for cheap second hand and their used charm works perfectly for a contrasting effect. From a luxury dining light in a bathroom to a modern living room with an old rustic second hand rocking chair, Interior design and decorating ideas are limitless.


interior furnitureWhen deciding on furniture think small. Bulky 1 piece furniture might seem practical for a larger family but 2 smaller items could be a great alternative. Glass tables can offer a great look of more space. Start by limiting the amount of furniture you have in one room do not overcrowd it. If you need to accommodate a lot more people think practical. Limiting clutter is crucial here remember furniture needs to be functional you can save on space by combining functionality in items such as foldaways or hidden storage components.

Keep It Simple For The Long Run, Experiment In The Short

By using these simple Interior design ideas you can create a big impact and take your interior decorating further. There should be a harmony and balance between the color and furniture you use keeping more permanent things such as wall colors large furniture items simple. But adding more interesting experimental centerpieces that can alternate more freely such as a light fixture or wall decal will help keep your room fresh and vibrant with the ability to incorporate new decorating ideas in the future at ease.

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