Ten Unusual Home Customizations That Can Ruin Your House Market Value

It is true that you need home remodeling or some kind of home improvement when your property is getting old in years. There will be so many areas that need attention and repairs, but too much home improvement with unusual customization can lose some market value for your house. Here are ten unusual home customization’s that can ruin your house market value.

1. Elaborate Front Lawn Landscaping
There are many home buyers that don’t need this expensive front lawn landscape to maintain. It is beautiful to watch this view, but it really doesn’t increase your house value. Some home buyers may be intimidated with your front lawn that they won’t even bother to consider the place or its price value.

2. Private Swimming Pools
Swimming pools may be attractive for the eyes and the comfort, but the maintenance can be a concern. Not only does the creation of the pool is expensive, it’s maintenance can even more be bothersome. This is one home customization that you should never go into consideration when you’re selling your house. You will certainly have a difficult time to sell your property.

3. Carpeting your Walls
Maintenance of these carpeted walls can also be another trouble for future home buyers. These home buyers don’t really need a carpeted house, but a home that they can buy at a good price. A carpeted house interior will not add any extra value for your house.

4. Installing New Air Conditioning Units or Heaters
New air conditioning units or heaters in the house will not add to the value of your home for sale. A typical home buyer would never pay an extra amount of cash for the new units. It’s a good investment for your comfort, but you cannot charge it at the buyer’s expense.

5. An Expensive Back Patio
Although, nice patios are great additions to a house, it’s not really necessary to be expensive. Today, home buyers are not concerned of how much you spent on the renovations of your home, but on how much savings they can get from your house value. Before you make any expensive customization, be aware of how much of the cost you can get back.

6. Built-in Appliances
Built-in appliances are a big no-no for a . The more permanent the renovations are, the more it’s not considered to be beneficial. If you’re going to sell your house, built-in appliances can discourage home buyers. There are certain changes of preferences from time to time and it’s not an advantage to have permanent appliances, such as a fridge or a sound system, installed.

7. Adding extra Rooms in the House
It’s a great idea to make another room inside the house, but it can cost you so much and the sad thing is you may not even get it back when sell your house. Any new expensive additions should be avoided when you’re planning to sell your home at a good price.

8. Unnecessary custom Bath Tubs
There are home buyers who don’t care about having a custom bath tub, because of it’s maintenance and the space it occupies inside the bathroom. Never install a custom bath tub if you plan to sell your home in the future.

9. Expensive Paintings for the Wall Decorations
This is just over-the-top for some home owners as well as home buyers. Expensive wall paintings are good decorations, but it doesn’t add a good amount of market value for your home. Unnecessary decorations should be avoided, unless you plan to keep the house for a long time for yourself.

10. Patterned Floor Tiles
Even if you like patterns and designs of newly installed floor tiles, it doesn’t mean that your future home buyer will like them, too. Don’t be too elaborate on floor tile designs. The simplest design garner the most appreciation when it comes to real estate marketing.

When you’re planning to remodel your house, keep in mind that you have to sell the house in future. Make sure that you’re aiming to renovate a home that will attract buyers in terms of price and appearance. Don’t be too cheap on renovations, but you also have to be wise on the costs of the home remodeling. Save money on home improvement while increasing your house’s market value.

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