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What To Look Out for When Building a Swimming Pool

Swimming pool contractors can construct indoor or outdoor pools that satisfy a client’s taste and preferences with a choice of above-ground pool or in-ground pool. Nevertheless, it is important to note that it is not always advisable to entirely rely on a pool contractor’s information as it may not be entirely accurate. Needless to say, it is always advised that one undergoes his/her own due diligence in-order to make sure that all products and services rendered are acceptable. Here are some guidelines on what you should look for when hiring a pool contractor.

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Check if the contractor is a Certified Service Professional (CSP) which acts as a reassurance factor that the installer has undergone training and his expertise has been tested and has satisfied the standards set out by APSP. Reputable professionals can be easily found and contacted through internet sites like

Licenses & Permit

Swimming pool construction needs a license and/or permit from the local city or county governments in USA. Check with your local township office before proceeding further as you may even need a variance in addition to a permit.

Features & options

First decide on the size of the pool including how wide and long you want it. Second think about the depth of pool, like how shallow or how deep you want it to be (or a combo if you need a diving area). Next think about the type of pool construction like concrete or  molded fiberglass. Choose the equipment you need for filtration and circulation including heating. Pick the lighting system and automatic pool cleaning system based on your budget. Finalize on landscaping and pavers around the walkway.

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Prices and Payment Options

Before deciding on a contractor, make sure that you compare the prices of several contractors. Asking for a detailed bid through online bidding system is one of the best ways to ensure that quotes can be compared easily. Emphasis on bid details so that they clearly indicate the size and shape of pool, equipment, materials that are to be used including their brand, durability, color, quantity, quality and size. Remember, the lowest bidder may not always be the best.

Contractors who ask for a considerable or full payment before the start of the project should be avoided at all cost. Most reputable contractors usually agree on a small percentage of project cost as down payment at the beginning of pool construction; another percentage during mid-construction; and the rest when the pool is ready and is up and running. On payment, a receipt should be immediately received which is important in ensuring that any disputes that may arise can be easily resolved. Before completing payment, ensure that a letter of release of lien from all construction suppliers and subcontractors together with all permits, guarantees, warrants are in your possession.

Make sure you closely follow the contractor at every step in designing, construction and installation of the equipment. The contractor should be able to identify a decent location to house the pumps, filters, heaters after advising you on not only the latest products but also those that are of the highest quality.  Don’t just leave everything to the contractor but take interest and research on internet on every aspect before making a final decision.

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