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Spring Cleaning Tips to Make Your Home Clean Easier

Spring cleaning can be very tedious, physically demanding and very stressful at times. To make things a little easier, we have a few tips that will help you have a clean and organized home any time of the year.

Get Rid of Dust: When dusting the house, move around each room in a circle starting with the highest points as you work your way down to the floor. The best tools to use to get rid of dust from your house and leave it thoroughly clean include Swiffer dusters, air purifiers as well as vacuum with sealed HEPA filters.

Spring Cleaning

Clean the Kitchen: Clean kitchen cupboards and fridges thoroughly and make sure they are properly organized. Discard canned goods and any other items that are past their date of expiry.

Put away linens: During springtime, you will need to put away heavy quilts and blankets and replace them with lighter-weight bedding. Before storing the bedding, be sure to thoroughly wash and dry it. If you don’t clean them properly, body oils that accumulated on them during usage will attract moths and insects. After making sure that they are dry, store them in zippered bags, under-bed boxes or vacuum seal storage bags to protect against insects and save space. For extra freshness, insert cedar or lavender sachets where you have stored them.

Start up Your Dehumidifier: Make sure that your dehumidifier is properly cleaned and it is in a good working condition and then run it in a partially underground room or a humid basement. This will eliminate dampness during the spring season which causes mildew.

Clean Carpets: Make sure you clean the carpet immediately the spring mud season is over. Ensure that they are vacuumed thoroughly, and then shampoo them with a spray foam or powder. You can also rent a steamer from a hardware store near you and use it to do an even deeper clean on the carpet. This is a must do for spring cleaning.

Clean Shower Curtains: Whether your shower curtains are made from plastic, vinyl or fabric, toss them in the washing machine to get rid of all the soap scum, shampoo as well as mildew. These elements build up during the usage of the curtains and the perfect time to remove them is during spring cleaning.

Clean Dirty Faucets: Wipe cloudy faucets with a damp cloth and then swab with vinegar. Soak a paper towel or cloth with vinegar and then wrap it around the faucet. Wait for about an hour and then remove the wrappings. Give the fixtures a final rub using a fresh towel.

Make your house sprinkle with spring cleaning tips, additionally search your local house cleaning services on home improvement portals and get assistance from them.

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