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Do you need a security guard if you have a security monitoring system

The need for efficient security cameras outside as well as inside your building cannot be overemphasized. But, having security cameras does not rule out the need for security guards. It is common to hear people question, why the two should go together, and the fact remains that both go hand in hand, as each option has an important role to play in monitoring movements and maintaining the security of your building. Security monitoring system is considered to be a valuable home improvement or remodeling project.

The need for monitoring cameras

Tech innovation has made it possible to have every corner of your residential and official premises connected and monitored through one common terminal. Security cameras make it possible to see what’s happens at all corners of your building premises at the same time. With a security camera, the personnel at the terminal will be able to observe who comes in and who goes out of the premises and every other little detail that might be needed later should there be any security breach. But the all important question is; do security cameras take the place of patrol security guards?

The need for patrol security guards

In as much as there are reliable monitoring security cameras, there is still a need for well trained armed security guards in your office building. Most times, it takes an experienced patrol security guard to notice some strange movements and suspicious details on the images displayed on screens by security cameras which may not be very easily noticeable to the personnel in charge of the screens. These monitoring cameras can be quite reliable, but it doesn’t rule out the possibility of having them malfunction once in a while. Judging from the antecedents of vandals, there is still the possibility of tampering with the power supply to cause a momentary power failure, which in turn will likely to hinder the proper functioning of the cameras. At such times when power failure occurs and the cameras fail to record, it takes patrol security guards monitor events as they unfold and take necessary security measures to forestall impending robbery attempts.

With the little explanation given above, it is now obvious that both monitoring security cameras and patrol security guards are important in maintaining the security of building premises. A security camera can capture and record the inversion of vandals and other unfriendly visitors, but cannot checkmate their activities to ensure the protection of lives and properties like security guards do. Both have different roles and purposes.

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