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Be prepared for a winter storm

Every once in a while we get winter storms and often people are not prepared. Here are some simple suggestions that will help you in getting through a winter storm.

1) Food: Have enough food to survive not only through the storm but also after the storm until you get back to normal life. Get food that you do not have to cook like cereal bars, protein bars, protein shakes or drinks that will last a few months. Get stuff you use on a daily basis so that you can utilize them after the storm.

2) Tools/Materials: Snow shovels & snow removal equipment like picks, rock salt, sand, heating fuel, flashlights, wood for stove/fireplace etc.

3) Communication: Cell phone, chargers that run on batteries, extra set of disposable batteries, radio etc. If you have a tablet like an IPad or a smartphone with internet connectivity that’s even better.

4) Keep warm: Clothes, blankets, jackets, boots, socks, gloves etc to keep you warm.

5) First-aid kit; Keep a first-aid kit in case someone gets hurt, you will be able provide them with something until you get help.

Be prepared for power failure or heating source failure. Get a wood burning stove if you do not have a fireplace. Avoid travel during the storm or

    Find a nearest shelter in your area by texting a message to FEMA like this:

Enter SHELTER + your ZIP code to 43362 (4FEMA) (for example: shelter 08873).
Note 43362 is the FEMA number you are sending text to.

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