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Home Improvements Projects: Roof Repair

If I were to speak to ten homeowners, I know that maybe one of them would say that he or she always checks the roof of the home in spring.

We seldom seem to appreciate the enormous strain which is placed on our roofs during the winter. Snow weighs a lot, and even though most roofs can take the extra weight, it is important to check for damage.

Tiles may move or tree branches may fall on our roofs during bad winter storms with us realizing it. Checking how your roof have survived winter is a job which needs to be done as soon as the snow has melted.

Inside Out

It can be a good idea to check your home inside out. By that I mean that you should really get up in the attic first of all. You need to look out for damp spots and darker areas which may indicate you have some kind of roof damage.

It is not only weather that can cause a problem as I found out to my peril one year. After a bad storm, I had not cleared out fallen debris from my gutters. During the winter a family of mice had made their home in the debris, and eventually chewed their way into my attic.

One of my rafters was being used as an access point, and the size of the hole they had managed to completely surprise me. Also, look out for visible sign of daylights. This can indicate a more serious problem, and if your roof is not structurally sound, you need to get the problem dealt with as soon as possible.

Should you use a contractor?

A lot of roofing contractors do offer an inspection service, and there are many advantages to this service. First of all, they are much more likely to be able to recognize signs of damage and the problem may be able to be rectified on the same day if it is minor.

Most importantly of all, they are used to working on roofs and are probably better at moving around the roof than anybody else. Falling off roofs is still a very common accident in many homes, and can lead to some very serious injuries.

Cost of a roof inspection

Most roofing contractors do not charge a lot for this service, and you can expect to pay in the region of $75 for an inspection.

You may not have any serious problems which need to be dealt with straight away, but many roofing contractors are also good at home renovation besides with home remodeling contractors . They may even be able to give you some ideas on how you can better insulate your roofing space in order to reduce heating bills. That money can be very well spent, and may quickly be offset against potential savings.

Preventative Maintenance

Just like other parts of the home, it is a good idea to focus on preventative maintenance when it comes to your roof. It is just as important to keep your roof clean and well maintained. Doing so may even ensure that your roof lasts that little bit longer. As with other contractors, you should make sure that your roofing contractor is qualified to do the job and have experience of home maintenance and home renovation.

How to effectively maintain your roof and avoid leakages

Homeowners need to maintain their roof regularly in order to prevent leakages. A bad roof should never be tolerated since it can lead to other household issues like mold overgrowth, rotten walls and disruption of power cables. Moreover, hiring an expert to replace worn-out roofs can cost 1,000s of dollars for those who are not ready to do it on their own. Below are some steps that you can use to maintain your own home, so as to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses.

What to look out for:

  1. It’s recommendable to inspect it during fall and spring season while cleaning the gutters, look for absent, damaged or bending shingles as they are a sign of wearing out. 
  2. Check whether there are any algae or fungus growing on the sides, if they are present then install lead or zinc control strips to stop them. 
  3. Seal off any cracked mortars or chimneys if they look like they are deteriorated, this would help prevent rain water from gushing into the house in case there’s a downpour. 

If you notice any signs of dripping such as dark spots around the ceiling then take immediate action, such leaks can get worse if they are not attended to soon. This simple step would save you from spending extra money repairing a bigger patch in the future. 

Other maintenance tips that can help:

  1. Remember to regularly sweep away excess debris from the roof so that they don’t exert pressure and cause it to bulge down when in excess.
  2. Moreover, trim away branches that may be hanging across the surface to prevent unnecessary damage and keep pesky animals like raccoons and squirrels at bay. 
  3. During snow season a thick crust of frost may accumulate at the tiles and this may cause them to collapse if not removed in time. If faced with this problem, carefully drag away the deposits using a standard rack while also taking care not to scratch the material. 

Furthermore, if you notice a problem with the ridges it would be appropriate to use cut singles instead of caps which tend to be more expensive. Roof maintenance should preferably be done with a tarp on the side to cover the unfinished roof should there be an impromptu storm. Otherwise, the rain may destroy everything that you have been working for in the last few hours. In conclusion, be extra cautious when doing roof maintenance and replacement or else you may fall down. For maximum safety it’s advisable not to work alone.

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