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Finding the Best House Cleaner

People utilize professional cleaning services for many reasons including lack of time, health issues and convenience. Whether you are new in town or searching for a different service, a common question people ask is how can I locate reliable cleaners near me? Friends and family may have referrals, but they may not require the same services or standards as you. It is important to know what you are looking for before contacting a cleaner, including your maximum budget. Some of the items you will need to discuss are:

Frequency – Are you looking for regular cleaning, a single cleaning or occasional cleaning. Finding the right cleaner is important regardless of how often they will working in your home. Even if you are looking for deep cleaning before hosting a large party, making a connection to a good cleaner could come in handy if you decide to sign for regular or occasional home cleaning at a later time.

Services included- Setting the expectations of what is included can eliminate frustration from both the house cleaner and the client. Light cleaning might just touch up your home with dusting, vacuuming and a quick wipe down of kitchens and baths. Deep scrubbing, window cleaning or carpet cleaning are examples of items that may exceed a basic visit and would have to be discussed as additional costs.

Supplies used- Organic cleaners, disinfecting solutions or certain scents matter to some clients. If there are specific requests you have, discuss those up front so arrangements can be made.

Personnel- How many people are assigned to clean the home? Are you looking for an individual or a crew of two or more? Will the same crew be coming to your house? For homes or offices, there is the issue of privacy and security. Regardless of the size of the company, it is important to ask if they are bonded, insured and/or have references.

Licensed & Insured – Check if the is licensed in the state and carries enough liability or workers compensation insurance to cover any slips or falls.

Chances are when you decide to hire someone for professional home care tasks, you might find yourself saying, there are a lot of cleaners near me- how can I select the most compatible one? The key finding a cleaner who meets your needs is taking the time to ask the necessary questions for the issues that matter to you in this relationship. A little conversation can be helpful in putting your mind at ease and getting the right person to clean your home or office and let you focus on other things.

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