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Latest trends in home security systems

Like any technology related device, home security systems are also making rapid progress in embracing the latest advancements in science and technology. Unlike the security systems of the past which were mainly used to set off an alarm when an intrusion is detected, these new-age security systems allow you as the house-owner, to take complete control of your home security. In this article we try to cover some of the latest trends in home security and alarm systems.

home security systemsHome security systems have become more interactive now, thanks to the increasing usage of smart phones, tablets and the internet. With the help of web apps or smart phone apps, you can access and monitor your home security system from anywhere and at any time. With the advent of internet protocol (IP) cameras, recording footage in tapes stored at the actual premise is becoming extinct now. These IP cameras can send the captured footage directly to cloud storage which allows an authorized user to access it easily using any device that is web enabled and which has the right applications.

Nowadays, wireless technology is becoming an integral part of any home security system. You can take more control of the entire system, from the cameras to the devices that are used to store the footage. You can manage this entire setup from a remote location too. Wireless technology also makes installation of your home alarm systems, easier and less messy as there are no hard wires running around. The hefty analog keypads have given way to the sleek touch pads now which are much more simpler and convenient to use. The learning curve that is associated with such touch pads is also very minimal.

These days, your home alarm system can do much more than just sounding an alarm. You can configure it to send you emails or texts about the security status of your home, when you are away from your property. You can also turn on or off lights, change room temperature, turn off your air-conditioner or furnace from a remote location.

With the innovations, home security systems are not only becoming more useful in daily life but also makes one comfortable depending on how technology savvy you are. Your modern lifestyle will also be a factor in deciding whether you need a simple home security, a true smart home or something in between.

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