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7 fatal mistakes to avoid while doing home remodeling or renovation

Renovating your home is both fun and rewarding but it can also be stressful. This is especially so if you embark on a home remodeling or renovation unaware of all the pitfalls that are likely to crop up. However, this does not mean you cannot successfully renovate your home. Just keep in mind the following 7 fatal mistakes that can easily turn a home renovation into a nightmare.

Poor financial planning
It is important to be pessimistic when it comes to estimating and calculating how much your home improvement will cost. In case you are contracting, plan to spend at least 10% more than your bid, on “surprises” that will usually come up. Make sure you understand what is included and what is not included in the contract with builder. For projects you are undertaking by yourself, plan to spend between 15-20% more on your material budget. Actually, you may end up not using this amount but in case complications arise; you will be glad you did put it aside.

Taking the wrong project
This is another pitfall you must avoid when undertaking a home remodeling. Always have in mind that a renovation project with an intention to sell your home is always different from one in which you are renovating the home for personal use. For example, when renovating your home for your personal use, you will be free to fully assimilate your personal taste, fashion and preferences into the home. However, if you are renovating the home with an intention to re-sell, you need to have the needs of the buyer in mind; they should supersede your personal taste.

Up-grading above the neighborhood’s value
It’s highly important to make sure that the value of your home stays in line with the value of properties in your neighborhood. In case it goes up too much, you will definitely find it hard to look for a buyer should you later think of re-selling it. In addition, it makes you a target of theft and similar attacks. Ideally, your properties value should not go above the average value of other homes in our surrounding by more than 15%.

Ignoring experts
If you are thinking of making structural alterations such as turning your dining room or kitchen into an open area or making changes to your plumbing or wiring system, it’s always wise to enlist the help of experts. Trying to undertake such a huge home renovation project by yourself is disastrous. It is easy to remove weight bearing pillars, or miss signs that hint possibility of pest infestation resulting to trouble in future. It’s therefore wise to seek the advice of experts.

Making piecemeal additions
Avoid renovating your home by making small, half-hearted additions as and when your pocket allows. This is expensive and may leave your home looking uncoordinated. If you have no option but to take piecemeal additions, make sure you start with a detailed plan of what you want to do; it will give you more control and coordination of the home improvement project.

Buying without a survey/inspection
It is worth commissioning a measured survey or inspection of a home by a chartered building surveyor or inspector especially if you are buying a old home with an intention to renovate it. This will help you discover rot, subsidence, damp and all other major structural weakness. Failing to do so, is one of the most serious mistakes in a home renovation.

Hiring cowboy builders
The most common cases of failed home renovations involve situations in which home owners have hired builders or subcontractors who cannot do a good job. Always make sure that your builders are experienced and reputed that they can undertake the required work, understands the job, has done similar work earlier and can provide you with contact of past clients for reference. This way, your home renovation will be a success.

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