Prep for winter

1. Close Sprinklers
If you have a sprinkler system, make sure you close the pipes by hiring a professional contractor who can use a machine to drain the water out of the pipes so that the pipes wont break when water freezes.

prepare your home for winter2. Plant for spring
Its a good idea to seed or patch your lawn before the winter so you can have a good lawn next year. Also plant some tulips and other annuals. Sometimes you get really good deals on plants as nurseries want to get rid of plants.

3. Turn off air-conditioners
Its a good idea to turn off the air-conditioners and keep them covered during the winter.

4. Yard and Gutter cleanup
Clean up all the leaves in your yard and gutters so that ice will not damage the gutters.

5. Check furnace and heater
As you will be using the furnace a lot in winter, hire a professional to take check on the heating system including the water heater.

6. Duct/Vent Cleaning
Clean your ducts and vents to make sure there is no blockage or dust. Replace air filters.

7. Seal doors and Windows
Make sure your doors and windows are sealed properly and no leaks exist. If you have the budget use a film on your windows that will stop heat loss.

8. Fireplace & Chimney Cleanup
If you have a wood burning fireplace then you can hire a pro to inspect the chimney and clean up the chimney and fireplace. Generally you do not need a pro to cleanup fireplace as you can do it yourself unless you are hiring a pro to cleanup chimney.

9. Get room heaters
Now a days you can get local room heaters inexpensively that will keep the area heated where you are seated. There is no point in heating up an entire house if you are going to be in family room watching TV for 4-5 hours.

10. Winter tools
Keep a shovel ready to cleanup minor snow. If you get lot of snow, then either buy a snow blower or hire someone to remove your snow. Also buy a remote starter for you car and have snow removal tools in your car.

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