Latest Kitchen Renovation Trends

Looking for the latest trends in kitchen renovation? As one of the most popular rooms in any home, the kitchen has always been the recipient of some fantastic design ideas and some of the trends we’re seeing lately are not only gorgeous but will turn your kitchen into the favorite room in your home.

  1. As kitchens have evolved from utilitarian areas of tmodern kitchenhe house to a place where social gatherings really heat up, open kitchens with lots of space and cabinets that double as furniture are really in vogue right now.
  2. Kitchen countertops made from quartz have been gaining significant popularity in the last few years and have actually caught up to the popularity of marble and granite.
  3. As far as colors are concerned, many kitchen renovations are focusing on gray, whites, beige and bone. Another trend that’s being seen is the use of contrasting black and white
  4. Speaking of colors, painted cabinetry is very trendy right now and many homeowners favor white and gray as they are to colors that go well with many other colors.
  5. When it comes to sinks, under-mount sinks have gained in popularity quite a bit as they offer an integrated and seamless look as well as maximizing counter space and making cleanup a breeze.
  6. LED lighting is becoming quite popular as it creates some nice focal points. LED lights also won’t throw off heat like halogen or standard incandescent bulbs.modern kitchen
  7. Back splashes, once practically ignored by most homeowners, are now being used to add depth and texture. By using innovative tile designs and glass tiles, the backsplash has become a trendy kitchen renovation idea

And there you have them, 7 trendy new kitchen renovation ideas that will turn any kitchen into a fabulous, colorful and attractive area of your home.

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