How to Paint your Interior Walls & Ceilings?

You wanted to give your home a new look. The easiest way to do that is paint your walls and color your home. Interior painting is one of the popular and efficient ways of home improvement and remodeling. Now you may get into a dilema on what pattern to paint your house to jazz it up. If you have kids, you definitely want to think of something creative to meet your kids imagination.

HIC interior Design

Lines or Stripes
Go with a pin stripes or thick stripes pattern in straight line or cris-cross or a wavy using your creativity. Use color combination that goes with the furniture and drapes. You can use left over paint colors to do this too. Go with small stripes or wavy lines to create an artistic look. For family or living or dining rooms one or 2 stripes gives that special look than any special finish. Stripes on the ceiling is another idea you may like.

Faux painting
Venetian plaster is a nice finish you can do it yourself, if you follow the directions provided in the guide. If you go to any paint store ask for booklets showing how to do faux painting with venetian plaster, they will hand a ton of them including other finishes like brilliant colors or metallic or sparkling finishes. You can also do rag-on or leather finish showcasing unique patterns and textures.

Stencil patterns
You can find a variety of stencils at any departmental store or at any online store that you can buy and use multiple times. Use contrasting colors to make sure the stencil patterns on clearly visible.

Special Designs
Circles or squares or triangles or diamond shapes with contrasting colors is another pattern you may like. Large letters or symbols or images on a contrasting colored wall is another fashionable pattern liked by some people.

hic interior painting

Bottomline you are the best judge of patterns for painting your house that brings the creative genius out of you as everyone is capable of vivid imagination in their own way while remodeling or renovating their house.

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