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Christina D just published a new article !

Exterior House Cleaning Tips
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Few homeowners look forward to cleaning seasons and many spends to much time on the inside of their home and they neglect to give the exterior the care and attention it needs. There are several things to keep in mind as you clean that can help make exterior house cleaning easier.

Pressure Washers
Pressure washers are very versatile and can be used to clean a wide range of exterior aspects of your home. Patios, decks, and porches can be cleaned with a focused nozzle and siding can be washed off easily with low-pressure tips and nozzles. Pressure-washing can also help you to remove algae stains and debris from fencing.

Driveway Care
After you wash off the driveway, you can help guard against future stains by using a waterproof sealer. These sealers help protect your driveway against damage that can occur to your driveway over the course of the years. The sealers are quick and easy to apply and are ready to be driven on within 24-48 hours.

Gutter Maintenance
Removing debris is not regulated just to the yard. The gutters need to be thoroughly cleaned and inspected for damage and any maintenance needs. Putting the time and effort into this aspect of exterior house cleaning can help prolong the life of your gutters and your roof.

It can go a long way to help with your home’s exterior appearance and curb appeal to deadhead the flowers in your planters and gardens. Removing these old and faded blooms helps clear up the front of your home and brightens things up. It can also help stimulate ore flower production, which in turn will further increase the beauty and appearance of your home.

Window Washing
In most cases, your windows need to be cleaned twice a year, but depending on the weather and local environment you may need to wash them more often. Window washing is a task than many homeowners don’t look forward to. The reason for this is many people tackle windows the old fashioned way with spray bottles and rolls of paper towels. There is a much easier way to clean windows and it is to do it like the professionals do- with sudsy water and a squeegee. You would be surprised at how much faster the chore goes and how much better the windows will look when you do it this way.

Now with these tips in mind you can go out and tackle exterior house cleaning and get it done faster and better than ever before.

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