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Bottle Water Vs Filtered Tap Water

The bottled water business has been booming in the last ten years, but is everyone aware of what truly goes into those bottles? There was a time when the question of bottle water vs filtered tap water would have resulted in a clear cut answer, namely bottle water. However, the water market has exploited the trust of consumers and the answer isn’t so clear cut anymore.

Environmental Issues:

Before getting to the health and cost section, it’s only right to explore the effect bottle water has on the environment. First and foremost, recycling isn’t really a factor, because only 1 out of 5 bottles on the current market can be recycled. This means that more than 80% of these bottles are filling up landslides.
Bottle Water

If left to bio-degrade it will take more than a thousand years and if incineration becomes an option it leads to toxic fumes. Another interesting fact is that it takes about 3 liters of water to simply package 1 liter, which doesn’t make any sense. Not to mention that the amount of oil that is needed to keep manufacturers in America going comes down to 1.5 million barrels for distribution and production alone.

Filtered tap water doesn’t require plastic bottles or 1.5 million barrels of oil in order to reach the public.

Health and Cost:

In terms of health, filtered tap water has taken a beating due to quality control and there are some areas where safety cannot be assured. However, in 2008 an investigation was done by the Environmental Working Group, which is also a non-profit organization, and the results of the investigation showed that some bottled water actually contained industrial chemicals which weren’t tested at all.

Filtered_Tap _Water

They also discovered that many of the water bottle brands simply treat local tap water and place it in a bottle. Advertising on the bottles show clean and natural sources, when in fact these sources are hardly every used. According to law manufacturers don’t have to reveal the source of their water and the FDA hardly every regulates production.

In essence there is no proof that bottle water is safer or cleaner than regulated filter tap water. Instead, bottle water is highly priced tap water. This might be the reason why countries like Australia are trying to completely ban the selling of bottle water.

In Conclusion:

Bottle water is:

– Harsh on the environment
– Not necessarily cleaner or safer
– Costs a whole lot more than filtered tap water

Filtered Tap water is:– Not harsh on the environment
– Just as safe as bottle water
– Costs much less than bottle water

Is it really difficult to choose a winner in terms of bottle water vs filtered tap water?
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Healthy lifestyle and career development

stay fit

Career management coaches consider majority aspects of personal development as vital factors which contribute significantly to entire career health. Employers normally expect more from employees these days. They expect that you should be able to take care of yourself and develop through all stages of your career. Doing a number of exercises is an ideal means through which you can take care of yourself and begin on your journey of personal development.

This, however, doesn’t imply that you have to run a marathon. But when you feel that adding a bit of an exercise or walking will make you perform or feel better, then why not take this route? This article is about self reflection, and simply meant to provoke thought about your normal lifestyle, since this does relate to your career development.

Living an active lifestyle maintains your health.
teaEven when you are still young, your body is normally aging. However, there are habits you may form today in order to stay young. Despite your present age, weight and body type, you are still capable of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and this is a thing you owe to yourself that you shouldn’t compromise on.

Staying active will protect your body from diseases and let you live your life to the fullest. High level of activity enhances your whole emotional and physical health through increasing the body’s natural production of endorphins. Well, this is going to be best for your career development; when you are able to live your best.

The time is now to eliminate excuses, and commit to living a better life. You should consider making changes to some aspects of your lifestyle so that you are able to enjoy your life.

The changes that you make to your routine let you stay strong and healthy. You are going to be free from exhausting effects of idleness which is not ideal for your career development. You are going to ideally relate with your bosses, fellow workers and even your family members with some solid and high energy.
To ensure personal success, you should be able to set goals for yourself. You should note down those goals where you require being, say, in three months from now and think about long term.

So as to stay on the path of success, you should think about all those things that have hampered your development in the past. With a definite plan attack, you are going to prepare yourself in overcoming those obstacles.

Choose to re-launch yourself into some better life through increasing your physical activity. Engaging yourself even in some simplest form of activity will take you one step closer to a life of high energy which, ultimately, is going to have a profound effect on your career development and the way you relate to people.

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