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HireContractor.com is an online meeting place for buyers (commercial property/home-owners) and contractors.This blog is to share information relevant to this domain that can help us all in the long run.

Contractors listed on HireContractor.com get leads, bid & win projects, allow customers to schedule online appointments and grow their business. No credit card needed for registration, no sign-up fees and a choice of subscription or pay per lead fees. Generally contractors get project leads in their specific category and service area unless they are a national chain. Registered contractors can review the leads containing project descriptions and they can choose to buy the lead if they like the project.

Buyers are typically home or commercial property owners who submit their projects, review bids and contractor ratings to award projects to contractors. Projects submitted by buyers are initially sent to contractors with premium subscriptions followed by pay per lead contractors.

Every human works hard day in day out only to go home and rest up. As soon as you go home you want to be comfortable where you can put up your legs and relax. This blog is to share useful information about how to make our life, work and home as comfortable as possible for a better life.


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