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How to Water Proof Your Basement

If you have issues with water getting into your basement, you are not alone. Thousands of home owners struggle with this frustrating problem every year. From property being damaged to dangerous mold and the musty smell, water damage can cause various problems that nobody wants to deal with.There are many different ways to approach this problem, and although some can be quite costly, there are also some DIY methods that won’t cost an arm and a leg. You can find a basement to help you at Here are some things you can do to ensure you have a water proof basement:

First, take a look outside your house, if the ground slopes towards the house this is the perfect criteria for a basement to flood. You want to ensure that the ground slopes away from your house if you want a water proof basement. If your ground slopes towards the foundation, you can easily fix this by getting some dirt to build the ground up around your house. Also be sure to check your gutters to make sure they are clean, and ensure your downspouts are discharging water at least 5 feet away from your foundation.

Next, take a look inside at your basement walls. If you have any visible cracks in your basement walls they can be repaired using a construction-grade epoxy which fills the entire crack. You can do this yourself with a kit you can buy at most hardware stores, but you may want to hire a crack repair technician to do it instead to make sure the job is done right. Next, you can apply damp-proofing to your walls to provide a layer of moisture protection.

If you are regularly having basement flooding, a good idea would also be to install a sump. A sump pump ensures that when the water level rises to a certain level a pump kicks on automatically and draws out any water at least 10 feet away from the house.

If all else fails you can have hydroclay injected around your foundation. This is a waterproofing clay that is injected from the outside of the house and fills in cracks. It follows the pathways in which water would get into your house and permanently seals the basement. This would need to be done by a professional and can be costly, but definitely worth the money if it means you will have a water proof basement.

By using these tips above I hope you have found a solution to ensure you will have a water proof basement.

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Must do Home Maintenance tasks

To avoid unnecessary troubles and repairs, its suggested that the following home maintenance tasks are carried out on a regular basis either monthly or quarterly based on your house.

  1. Replace Air Filters in your furnace: Most important thing to ensure you get fresh air and not circulating the dust back into the house
  2. Check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detector to ensure they are working properly and replace batteries if needed
  3. Check drains for clogs and clear them
  4. Check sump pump to make sure its working fine
  5. Faucet leaks and drain leaks must be checked often.
  6. Check humidifier and condenser pumps
  7. Check water heater and if it is more than 10 years old replace it.
  8. Clean carpets regularly to avoid pile up of dirt
  9. Clean windows and screens
  10. Get rid of soap scum in bath showers and tubs
  11. Remove link from dryer vent using vacuum or some other means
  12. Adjust your thermostat settings
  13. Check for cobwebs, termites and other insects in basement

You can use this list as a starting point and create your own monthly, quarterly or yearly list. Doing home remodeling and renovation projects will add value to your house but if you do not maintain it well then there is no point in keep on renovating it. If you are too busy, you can also hire a handyman to do these tasks.

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