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How To Create Your Own Vegetable Garden

Having a vegetable garden in your yard can be a very rewarding thing. Not only is gardening an enjoyable hobby for many people, but you can save a lot of money by growing your own vegetables rather than buying from the store too. And you can also feel safe and secure knowing exactly where your veggies come from, and that they are free of any pesticides that may be on those store bought veggies. The idea of having a garden as part of your landscape is appealing to many people, but if you have to start from scratch it can be a little intimidating.

You can always hire a landscaping pro through to not only start a garden but also to maintain it.

Here are the steps you can take to easily create your very own vegetable garden:

1. Decide where you want to place your garden and how big it will be – Take careful consideration when deciding on a location for your garden. You want to think about what kind of veggies you want to grow and if they will need more sun or shade, and pick your spot accordingly. Also decide how big you want the garden to be.

2. Start digging – Once you have the location, size and shape of your garden planned out, it’s time to dig up the grass. Once you have the grass removed from the area, continue to dig up the dirt underneath and remove any rocks or roots that may be present. Depending on your soil you may want to add some organic compost in with your soil at this point and mix it well. Next rake the soil to level it out smoothly.

3. Create a solid edging – Dig a trench at least 6 inches deep and a few inches wide along the edges of your garden to separate the garden from the lawn, and fill in with sand. If you want to edge your garden using stones or wood you can also do this now.

4. Start Planting – Decide where you want to place your veggies and start planting them. Many people find it best to first lay out all your plants on top of the soil so your lines are straight and spacing is even. This will help in making your garden more attractive.

5. Mulch your garden – To keep your garden low-maintenance, the best thing to do is spread mulch around your garden. This will help prevent weeds and the mulch will absorb moisture that can help keep your garden thriving during droughts.

6. Water your garden – Now that your garden is complete, finish it off by giving it a good watering

Now that you have your very own garden, remember to maintain it and water it regularly, and you will be enjoying the fruits of your labor in no time!

Visit to find a pro and get quotes for your landscaping and yard work.

Janitorial Services in Ottawa Can Help You Avoid the High Cost of Asbestos Removal

Decades ago, asbestos was commonly used as a flame retardant in insulation that was sprayed directly into ceiling and walls as well as other areas. After it was banned in the late 1970s, many manufacturers were allowed to sell and distribute whatever asbestos they had left. Having asbestos in your home is extremely hazardous. It can crumble and flake and release small particles that have been linked to increased risk of cancer. Getting your home inspected is an absolute must and the cost of asbestos removal should never keep you from eliminating your risk of exposure.

Inspect Early and Inspect Your Entire Home.

It goes without saying, it’s a great idea to inspect your home for asbestos before moving in and at the inspector’s recommendation from that point forward. The cost of asbestos removal can be pretty high but only if it poses a serious problem that has affected several parts of the house.

How bad is Your Asbestos Problem?

The cost to remove asbestos in you and your home will greatly be affected by how serious the problem is. Most contractors will want to do a large job or your entire home at once. Professionals will have a greater task inspecting the home and setting up their equipment. Naturally, the cost of asbestos removal will go up with smaller projects where the contractor may have to set-up and inspect a few times in different parts of the house.

How Potentially Find an Asbestos Problem before an Inspection.

Many homeowners don’t get a thorough inspection before moving into their home. This is especially true for homeowners who have lived in their home for several decades. The presence of asbestos doesn’t necessarily pose a problem, if the material has not cracked and been released in the air. One popular way of finding out if a home can be at risk is to find reputable janitorial services in Ottawa.

Professional janitorial services in Ottawa will be a low cost alternative to checking your house for threats. These services are no replacement for a full inspection or as a way to avoid the cost of asbestos removal if there is a problem. But it can help you clean your home thoroughly in order to find areas that could be potentially hazardous.

With janitorial services in Ottawa you should expect to find a firm to check areas in and around furnace ducts, floor tiles, door gaskets, and more. Again this shouldn’t be used as an alternative for a full inspection, but you may find that you’ll want to hire a contractor before the problem spreads or gets worse.

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